Everything Carries a Story

Any incredible story draws us in, engages our emotions, thoughts, and sometimes even creates action within our soul. My job and passion is to provide you with stories that not only move you inwardly, but educate you, empower you as the reader, and hopefully transform you into a pursuer of wine, food, cigars or all of it.

Every amazing story has a few pillars that always need to be present. It needs a character or characters, conflict, vulnerability, achievement we can all relate to, a beginning, middle and an end. The articles you will encounter here will be about wine, food, and cigars, each one playing as its own character, providing continuous conflicts between taste, price, and achievements we can relate with.

I am passionate about these three areas because each one carries a personal story behind it and why it was created. These three areas go beyond presentation, taste and affordability. There are literal layers of stories grafted in between each sip, swirl, presentation, taste, draw and puff.

As you read through these articles and future ones, I challenge you to join me as a detective, not just through reading, but also by venturing with me virtually and at home investigating together the wine, food, and cigars I present here and by way of video. It’s about having permission to break the rules of “snobbery” and be adventeruous.

Over the course of these articles each one will have a beginning, middle and an end. I will present the facts, the finds, and the how-to’s in each story for you the reader to investigate, ponder, and ultimately try at home.

Let’s break the rules along the way together.

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