The 411: Plasencia Reserva Cortez Toro Cigar

Plasencia Reserva Cortez Toro with Lavazza Espresso

Cigars have always been a fascination to me. Growing up, as a child I was always mezmorized by the older man who had a cigar in his mouth. There always seemed to be an “air” about them. I wouldn’t call it pride, but I would say “classy.” Swisher Sweets are not the focus here. Cigars are classy, a gentleman’s choice of smoke and hobby. They are accompanied by fine liquor and coffee.

Most photos you encounter on social media are surrounded by leather chairs, the perfect spirit of choice, tailor made clothing and a posed happy lifestyle. When I finally had a few minutes to smoke the Plasencia Reserva Cortez Toro, there were no leather chairs and classy dress ware. You could find me in a pair of sweat pants and a jacket sitting outside in the cold. Enjoying a good cigar does not mean you have to be dressed up for the occasion or have a club membership. Cigars still remain a gentleman’s smoke no matter your atmosphere or what you wear.

I received the Plasencia Reserva Cortez Toro from Luxury Cigar Club. If you are a first time cigar smoker or a veteran of cigars you should check out the Luxury Cigar Club. They provide unique and affordable higher-end cigars you normally won’t find at the local cigar lounge or store. The bonus is they are delivered right to your door step every month.

The Specs

Shape: Toro

Size: 5 3/4 x 56

Strength: Mild to Medium

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano

Binder/Filler: Nicaragua/Nicaragua

Grade: Hand Rolled/Long Filler

Color: Colorado

Blender: Plasencia

Country of Origin: Nicaragua


Plasencia Cigars Logo

There is a lot of rich history behind this line of cigars. In fact there is over five generations of cigar making history with the Plasencia family. I personally never heard of this family until I dug a little deeper into this cigar of choice. Have you heard of or smoked Rocky Patel, Gurkha, and Romeo y Julieta (a few of my favorites)? If you have, then you tasted a cigar or tobacco grown by the Plasencia family.

This cigar is the first to be the world’s first cigar line made using only organic tobaccos, which is certified by OSHA every year. If you are into “organic” this cigar is a great choice.

My Personal Review

On the outside the Plasencia Reserva Cortez Toro really catches the eye, is well constructed, tapered on both ends, and has a darker wrapper. Before I lit the cigar I read through the perceived tasting notes. Hints of nuts, fruits and caramel with marzipan and cedar were supposed to be expected. I personally am not a cigar aficionado. Here is what I did encounter.

Plasencia Wrapper and Matches

It smokes very smooth and found it to be mild with a great burn. There is not much of an after taste and honestly it was much lighter than I anticipated. When I took the first few draws I could taste some pepper. It almost set me up for the expectation of more pepper, but it quickly died off.

More than half way through the smoke session I did encounter an uneven burn, which I am not a personal fan of. The overall draw during the smoke session was fantastic. There was no wrestling between the cigar and myself for more air. I found this cigar pairs well with espresso and coffee. I am sure this would pair well with a lighter whisky or bourbon like Monkey Shoulder.

Final Thoughts

Plasencia Reserva Cortez Toro is a good cigar. It’s not a show-stopper for me personally, but it won’t disappoint you. If you are looking to get into smoking cigars this is a great “starter” cigar. The overall burn time was around 45 minutes.

It will cost you around $9.00 a cigar and that’s a great price for one of the most famous brands of cigars and it is the only 100% organic cigar in the world. On a personal scale of 1-5, I give it a 3 on my scale.

The Plasencia Reserva is well-constructed, made with Nicaraguan tobacco, and tasty on the palate. An enjoyable cigar for any occasion.

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