Red Wine for V-Day Celebrations

Watson and a Bottle of 2017 Wine by Joe Pinot Noir

The Main Character: Wine by Joe Pinot Noir 2017

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Will you be dining out at your favorite restaurant or did you make reservations for a new location? Are you choosing to stay home and celebrate due to the current pandemic?

Remaining home and celebrating is never an awful option. There are several advantages to home celebrations. No reservations need to be made, long waits and lines can be avoided, the distance from the dining room table to the couch or bedroom is less of a daunting task and it can be budget friendly.

If you’re choosing to stay at home this Valentine’s Day and plan to make it exceptional, I have a wine and dessert to help you. In this article I will present you with a wallet size wine and in the next article with a shoe string budget recipe for a heavenly dessert that pair well together.

Allow me to introduce to you to the 2017 Wine by Joe Pinot Noir. I can’t take full credit for discovering this little bottle of delight. As I was glancing through my Instagram account (@the_traveling_somm) I came across a post by my prized wine merchants Bag and String Wine Merchants. They posted a photo with a bottle of Pinot Noir they had available in-store. Pinot Noir always peaks my curiosity so I needed to get my hands on a bottle.

Bottle of 2017 Wine by Joe Pinot Noir

Do you need something a little more distinct for v-day this year, a wine that will go well with chocolate and those who like to drink white and red wine? I encourage you to grab a bottle of 2017 Wine by Joe Pinot Noir.

The Wine Maker

Dobbes Family Estate Logo

Pinot Noir is known as “the heart break grape.” It kind of reminds me of the high school drama queen. At the same time Oregon is associated with some of the best pinot noir. The location and the grape are a match made in heaven. The grape is finicky and the Oregon weather is bipolar in nature. Some how these two need each other and create some of the most amazing wines.

Wine by Joe was established in Dundee, Oregon in 2002, by founder Joe Dobbes. Never hearing of Wine by Joe, I soon discovered a wide variety of wines such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and so forth. What I enjoy about Wine by Joe is its affordability and quality of taste. You can find the perfect match of a wallet size wine paired up with delicious quality, but it takes effort, a lot of effort.

The story behind these bottles demonstrates to us as future wine makers, sommeliers, restaurateurs, or wine drinkers, anything is possible when you put your mind and hard work to it. Joe created his company with a small fraction of money, but he paired it with experience and fervor. Due to his resilience, Wine by Joe is known as one of the biggest wine companies in the state of Oregon.

The Tasting

Glass of 2017 Wine by Joe Pinot Noir

Wine by Joe Pinot Noir is from Oregon. Engaging with pinot noir from Oregon, in my opinion is like watching professional ballroom dancers. Somehow the flavors of the soil, the ripe, sweet and earthy notes come together from separate backgrounds and create a performance that will leave you stunned.

Don’t let the screw cap on this bottle fool you. Wine with a cork in the bottle doesn’t always mean it’s superior. When I cracked the seal on this bottle of pinot noir and poured it into a glass I was escorted to the state of Oregon. A few sniffs of the nose and I was taking in aromas of dark cherries, strawberries, raspberries and cranberries.

I did a few fancy swirls with my glass and then I dived in for a taste. On the palate I picked up flavors of dark cherry, vanilla, strawberry, and clove. It seemed to be very fruit forward. Wine by Joe Pinot Noir was somewhat soft, light, and smooth, hopefully like your Valentine’s Day.

Food Pairing

Pinot Noir always pairs well with beef, chicken, veal, and even deer venison. Whatever you’re planning for the big “day of love” will be fabulous. Don’t forget dessert. If you’re not sure what will pair well with this pinot noir for dessert we have you covered. In next week’s article I will be dropping a killer flourless chocolate tort recipe. The flavor and richness is not only palate-pleasing, but will surely impress your dinner guest.

Empty Bottle of 2017 Wine by Joe Pinot Noir


Throw on a some Marvin Gaye or Sam Cooke and open a bottle of Wine by Joe Pinot Noir. You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to enjoy a bottle. It’s made to grace the tables of everyday meals, elegant evenings, special occasions or in your sweat pants on a Zoom call with your besties. A bottle of this pinot will usually cost $15-16 a bottle.


Wine by Joe Pinot Noir: Bag and String

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