The 411: Nova Platinum Batch Cigar

Nova Platinum Batch Cigar with a Cup of Coffee

The cigar world seems to be vast for a first-time smoker or a seasoned one like myself. I have been smoking cigars for over fifteen years. The richness of this journey is there and there is always more to be discovered.

A solid example of this is the Nova Platinum Batch Cigar produced by Nova Cigars. Who remembers their encounter with their first handmade cigar? I had been dabbling with Garcia y Vega cigars for a few months. I guess you could say Swisher Sweets were the doorway to my cigar journey, which I would never personally recommend.

My childhood friend and I ventured to the “big city” of Erie, Pennsylvania for a weekend trip to the local mall. We were country boys and it was a good forty-five minute haul to the city. The funny side of this short story is I now reside in this “big city.” After arriving at the local mall and wondering through numerous stores exploring books, cassette tapes, and eighties clothing my buddy presented me with an genius idea.

“Do you want to go to the tobacco store and buy a cigar?” Being the self-made cigar aficionado with little cigar experience, I leaped at the opportunity (Enter my sarcasm). There it was, right in the local mall accessible for anyone over the age of eighteen years old. The entrance was wide open, no doors and the guys behind the counter were smoking cigars. The walls were lined with built-in glass cased humidors and the aroma was magical.

“Anything in particular you guys are looking for?” asked the clerk. Judging by the size of our eyes and cheesy smiles on our faces, he knew we were everything but experienced cigar smokers. We finally broke the ice and confessed we came with the intention to purchase out first hand-made cigar. Neither of us had a clue about cigars and needed assistance. Fifteen minutes later we emerged from the smoked-filled store, each with two cigars in our hands.

We strutted our stuff like we owned the mall. I never felt more classy and like a gentleman as we walked out of the local mall that day. There was something about obtaining my first purchase in a cigar store instead of a gas station. Why the short childhood story? If you smoke cigars or looking to start, I highly suggest checking out the Nova Platinum Batch cigar. These cigars from Nova Cigars are memory makers in my opinion.

The Specs

Vitola: Torpedo

Length: 6 inches

Ring Gauge: 54

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano 2000

Binder: Dominican Republic

Back Story

If you’re looking for luxury or a high-end brand in a cigar brand and company, look no further. Nova Cigars is located in Palm Beach, Florida and they are making a name for themselves.

Far from minimal standards, they pride themselves in being an Ultra-premium Cigar Brand and company. They definitely have the product to back it up. Their line of cigars is rich with family history and it all begun with their grandfather. Sadly he passed away in 2017, but left a hands-on legacy that is rocking the cigar world. As a master blender, he traveled with a focus to discover the best blends and how high-end cigars should smoke and compare to others. Pure dedication and love for this art.

Nova Platinum Batch with Coffee

Nova is owned and operated by the family. As I researched further, it seems there is no such evidence of “low standards” present in this cigar company. Cutting corners is never an option, because the concept of “premium” is where the bar has been raised to. I urge you to keep the following in mind when you smoke any Nova Cigar. You’re not just smoking or purchasing another cigar. When you light up a Nova Cigar, you are letting the legacy continue to burn with pride and enjoyment.

Personal Review

Nova Platinum Batch Cigar

As I inspected the overall outside of the cigar my eyes were first drawn to the two bands. Both bands dressed in aqua, silver, and black. To anyone it can seem like a blend of simple colors at random, but the detail of these wrappers tells us no detail is overlooked. A very classy wrapper. No veins were presents and the tapered head cigar seemed to be built well.

The first third of the cigar had a welcoming draw and a very even burn. After taking a few draws I started to pick up a mild to medium flavor. There were hints of sweet mingled with slight hints of earth tones and tea.

First Third

Entering in to the second third there still no hints of pepper or over powering taste. I was now picking up subtle impressions of dried fruits and nuts. The classic cigar aroma waffed through my nostrils and yet a continuous even burn.

The Second Third

Touching on the final third it was still burning evenly. Very smooth, no harsh taste, well built to the end and the ash held well. Surprisingly there was no harsh tones, but I will picking up some of those earth tones and slight announcements of dried tea leaves.

The Final Third

Final Thoughts

I’ll never forget my first cigar and the experience it created. In the same manner my encouragement to you today is to allow Nova Cigars to be your first cigar experience every time you smoke. Every cigar has its own story, but these carry rich history behind every smoke. Sometimes we can be so active trying to make history, we miss the beauty of enjoying the history already invented.

Nice Nova Ash

The Nova Platinum Batch Cigar is overall elegant, very light, no hints of pepper, excellent to pair with tea, coffee or a light beer. The cost of this cigar is between $9.50-$10.00 per cigar and hands down worth it. Consider it to be your morning or mid-morning smoke. I normally cap my personal rating off at a 5 for the highest rating. Today I’m breaking the rules for this premium hand-made masterpiece and adding an unusual rating of 6 out of 5. Well done my friends, well done. #makenovabig


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