2018 Honoro Vera

Traveling Somm Holding the 2018 Honoro Vera

Maine character: 2018 Honoro Vera

Do you savor fruit forward wines? A glass full of adult rated liquid constructed of a complex mixture like dark ripe cherries, chocolate, blue berries or vanilla is today’s topic. The 2018 Honoro Vera is exactly that and a whole lot more.

Napa California wines are on my list of enjoyable wines to drink. The 100% Garnacha wine is not from Napa Valley, but in my opinion, a rising star from Spain. In previous posts I have mentioned my personal desire and ever-growing passion for Spanish wines. For those of you who seek out and enjoy wines created from places such as Napa Valley or Italy, don’t ignore Spain.

Why all the hype about wine made in Spain? Here are just a few simple reasons to say “Why not?!” First the history located behind the wine. We are not talking about families who decided to “dabble” in the wine industry. These are wineries owned and operated by continuous generations of wine makers. Second, is the quality of wine. Small wineries who give serious attention to what is considered “all the tiny details.” Hand-picked, hand-pressed, and personally bottled, is all found under the banner of quality.

The third reason is rare finds. Who doesn’t like something exclusive? The human mind is attracted to exclusivity. We relish in the concept of attaining materials not everyone has access to. Your local wine merchant has a greater reach than most big named stores. It’s an opportunity to support and buy local and support smaller business abroad. Finally Spanish wine is affordable, which brings us to the wines of the Aragon region.

2018 Bottle

the wine maker

Bottle of 2018 Honoro Vera Wine

Don’t be confused by the geography of this wine. Honoro Vera hails from Calatyud, Spain. Calatayud is a city in the province of Zaragoza, in Aragon, Spain. Trust me, you’re not the only one confused on the location of this fabulous winery. Unfortunately the wines discovered within the Aragon region have been overshadowed by places such as Rioja.

When researching for this post I honestly had a difficult time investigating the wine maker of this amazing wine project. What I do know is Honoro Vera is made by the Ateca Winery. The Ateca Winery is a project of the Gil Family Estates, who own estates throughout Spain.

I’m able to tell you more about the grapes used to produce this wine. 2018 Honoro Vera is made from 100% Grenache (gren-AHSH) or Garnacha (gar-NA-cha). This fantastic grape is known for being tannic, spicy, herbal and ripe with sweetness. Garnacha, as it is called in Spain, is actually the most planted grape. As they say in the resturaunt business…location, location, location. Location is everything even when it comes to wine.

It depends on where the grapes are grown. I can speak to this personally. As I spent time in Italy, the food there was remarkably different than what I have experienced anywhere else in my travels. Eating tomatoes in Italy is way different than consuming tomatoes in the United States or Paraguay. Due to the combination of the soil, sun, and where they are planted determines the flavor outcome of the food within Italy.

Granacha is no different. Depending on where these grapes are grown determines what they will produce. You can experience large volumes of fruit, tannin, spicy and bold flavors. Or you may encounter dark cherries, hints of licorice, vanilla and black pepper. In my opinion Spanish Garnacha will not disappoint you.

the tasting

Wine in Glass with Harano CIgar

The bottle alone is a work of art. The colors and concept of the label paints a story of passion found within this project and melds together well with the timeless liquid in the bottle. In the glass the look of the wine carries a deep intensity at its center and as you move outwardly to the rim you will see a purple hue. Due to the deep intensity of this wine I couldn’t see my fingers through the glass.

On the nose at first sniff I was blasted with intense aromas of sweet berries. As I drilled down deeper with my nose, the dark cherries and dark ripe plums surfaced quickly. On the next round of sniffing, inklings of spice, pepper, vanilla, oak, all-spice, and wet soil became more present.

In my mouth there were big announcements of dark cherries, ripe plums, and vanilla. Sometimes I have to check myself to make sure I am drinking wine and not eating dessert. During my second tasting of this wine, slight hints of all-spice, touches of pepper, and the sweetness of figs came through. At its end there seemed to be a medium finish and slight touches of chocolate.

Wines that carrying a boldness in their body, medium plus tannins, accompanied by medium acidity and slightly dry tend to be your thing, then try this wine. It has a 14% alcohol level, but it will surprise you with its flavor and aromas.

food Pairing

Bottle of Honoro Vera and Tasting Journal

The super jammy tasting wine will go very well with any selection of beef you choose. Pasta is another option to grace your table. I don’t suggest any dishes with spicy heat when drinking the 2018 Honoro Vera. The tannin in this wine will magnify the spicy heat and make for an undesirable finish in your mouth. If you are pondering the thought of upgrading your taste buds, lamb or deer (venison) are both splendid options. Poultry and vegetables are another private party pleaser with this choice of wine. Finally we cannot forget dessert. We will keep this one simple…anything chocolate!


The 2018 Honoro Vera is one of my personal top picks when it comes to Spanish wine. Yes the price for a bottle is extremely friendly, but beyond the cost it offers way more for the drinker. The quality of how this wine is produced, the history of its country, and the flavors all scream “classy.”

Spanish wines are gaining more and more features and sooner than later we will be hearing a lot more about them. The demand is increasing and these little areas in the land are no longer being overshadowed by other “big-named” regions. The 2018 Honoro Vera is an all-around game-changer for your palate and wine pleasure.


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