The 411: Powstanie Habano Belicoso

Powstaine Habano Belicoso and Woodford Reserve

Due to the weather conditions within the state of Pennsylvania, attempting to smoke a cigar during the winter months is nearly impossible. It’s been over eight weeks since I have been able to smoke and review cigars. With the temperature finally breaking into 70 degrees and sunny, I was able to try out the Powstaine Habano Belicoso (pronounced poh-shan-yah). My personal review on this powerhouse cigar maybe a little less descriptive, but the story and history behind it is worth the read.

the specs

Powstaine Habano Belicoso

Profile: Medium

Wrapper: Ecuadorian

Binder: Indonesian

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 5.5″ x 54

MSRP: $9.50


Powstaine Habano Belicoso Bands

Let’s begin by addressing the “elephant in the room.” How can one miss the kick-ass wrapper on this cigar? The colors pop and work well together, but the symbol is obviously intriguing to the eye. What initially appears to be a “P” connected to a “down arrow” at a glance is actually a “D” with a “down arrow.” What are we looking at?

The label of this cigar is full of boldness just like its content. The brand name is Polish for “uprising” and the logo is inspired by symbols used by the Polish resistance during World War II. I personally love this concept and the way these two brothers, Mike and Greg Szczepankewicz brought it about.

Cigar owners of Cigar Hustler located in Deltona, FLorida, Mike and Greg are two ambitious men with a vision for the cigar world. Each one of these guys fashioned their own blend in partnership with chief blender and part-owner, Esteban Disla at Nica Sueno and Skip Martin, the other part-owner of Nica Sueno.

What I personally enjoy about the magic of these men is how they went about discovering the right blends. They let their customers try the blends blindly and then gave feed back for their new creation. Based on the experience of the team and their customers Mike and Greg brought a real powerhouse cigar to the table. Let’s look at it a little more closely.

my personal review

Powstaine Habano Belicoso First Light

Prior to lighting this bad boy up I couldn’t take my eyes of the logo. The logo itself drew my curiosity into its meaning and history. The colors of red, silver, white, and black on the bands are attention getters. The labeling calls out to you. For those who pursue finer quality cigars this one should be on your list.

The Habano wrapper is was well constructed. There were no major veins and fairly smooth. Smells of woody earth and spice were very present during the pre-light. The foot of the cigar presented little hints of chocolate, earth, and slight touches of bread. I will say once I clipped the cigar for my pre-light and placed my mouth on it, pepper was left on my lips.

After lighting the Powstanie Habano it definitely kicked off with a lot of woody type notes. I could tell this was going to be a spicy cigar. At the beginning it had a great draw, baking spices at the front. The ash was solid and the burn line was fairly even. It didn’t require touch-ups with my lighter. Immediately I was picking up a lot of pepper and a long finish.

Into the second half of the cigar the pepper mellows out a little more. There was still a consistent draw and I definitely started tapping into the full flavors of the cigar. It seemed to be projecting hints of leather, a little nuttiness and some bread-like characteristics. Thirty minutes in as the Powstanie has a long finish, on the tail end there perceived to be a creaminess about it.

Second Half of the Powstaine Habano Belicoso

For the final piece of this cigar journey, I wish I could provide you with more information. Honestly the end of the cigar was too powerful for my palate. The strength of this full-bodied cigar came forth. It wiped me out causing me to surrender after forty-five minutes of smoking.

final thoughts

Final Stretch with the Powstaine Habano Belicoso

Many of you may be drawn or intrigued by the fact this cigar is produced in a small factory. it carries exclusivity and a luxurious vibe. The Powestanie Habano’s logo design and construction is pure genius in my opinion. The price point for it is remarkable, considering I’ve paid more for a cigar with less taste and creativity. Mike and Greg’s imagination of combining Nicaraguan and Dominican leaf has not only paid off for them, but has rewarded all of us with a fine cigar.

On a personal scale of 1-5 I personally rate this cigar a 5. The combination of flavors, strength, and construction displays the craft of its maker. I believe this cigar will be enjoyed by many regardless of strength. Woodford Reserve was my partner of choice for this cigar. The bourbon helped mellow the peppery strength and added even more enjoyment to this opportunity.


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