2018 Anas-Cëtta Nascetta di Novello Langhe DOC

Me and a bottle of 2018 Anas-Cëtta Nascetta di Novello Langhe DOC

Over the course of the past few weeks I have been pondering many areas of my life. This course of action is nothing new. Many years ago I created a weekly and monthly routine to take inventory of my personal life and goals. One of the areas of focus is my blog, which you are reading at the moment.

After doing the research between here and my Instagram page (the_traveling_somm), I have discovered several factors. First, although I have a large following of wine seekers, cigar enthusiasts, foodies, and pipe smokers, it doesn’t all translate over to this blog. Second, there seems to be little conversion of followers from my Instagram page to my blog articles. Finally, which is the most important, an enormous amount of pressure rests on me to create articles on a weekly basis.

Being a perfectionist and teacher at heart, writing a small article can become a daunting task. Spending four to five hours a week writing, researching, editing, and taking the perfect pictures is a lot of responsibility. Oh did I mention while working a full-time job, taking care of my family, and maintaining my personal health? Are we still talking about wine, food, or cigars? Ultimately yes, but this is the track or the path we are taking today in order to make it there.

Through much thought, processing, entertaining, and research I made a decision regarding this blog. Wine, cigars, pipes, and food (although I post very little about it) are all infused throughout my life. Each one of these is not a hobby or favorite past time. These are part of my lifestyle. The next part of this journey is to bring you into my inner circle. Not the “circle of trust” like the Fockers (Meet the Fockers).

The inner circle is about sharing and experiencing my life and thoughts while enjoying a glass or bottle of wine, a well-made cigar, solid crafted tobacco in a pipe, or the pleasures of delicious food. I’m forty-two and doing research like I get paid for it, but in reality I don’t, is absolutely exhausting. Instead of treating this blog like I’m writing a term paper or lecture for a college course, I’m bringing you enjoyment and the finer things of life from this point forward. Wine, cigars, and food will still be the focus of this blog, but it will be infused with my thoughts and personal ideas while enjoying the great elements.

A nice glass of 2018 Anas-Cëtta Nascetta di Novello Langhe DOC

For example, while I was tasting this delicious bottle of 2018 Anas-Cëtta Nascetta di Novello Langhe DOC, thoughts dashed through my mind. No not about how tasty the wine was or its stunning golden color. Thoughts such as “I need to slow down more in this fast paced life.” “I’m doing way too much with such little time.” “Am I really focusing on what is important or am I chasing a unicorn?

This 2018 bottle from Italy is more on the bold side, slightly dry and acidic. It caused me to recognize I need to live more boldly. Dry is just fine because everything isn’t intended to be lively in life. The notes of citrus, lemon, grapefruit, and orange on my nose brought me to a place of sweet memories from my childhood. During those ages I honestly had zero struggles and I really knew how to experience all life was offering me in the moment.

On the palate the notes of minerals, honey, stone, crushed rock, apples, melons, and ripe pears flooded my senses. For a few minutes I didn’t escape reality, because I caught it. I apprehended the moment by using all of my senses while consuming this bottle of 2018 Anas-Cëtta Nascetta di Novello Langhe DOC. I’m not sure about you, but I’m tired. Maybe tired is too loose of a term to use.

Exhausted. Exhaustion surpasses being tired. How many of you are exhausted from over-working, the drama in your life, never having enough finances on hand, raising your kids, or marital issues? We are all exhausted in one form or another and there is no hierarchy or competition when it comes to being exhausted. We’re all in different boats with different shapes or sizes, but basically in the same sea of life.

Final round of the 2018 Anas-Cëtta Nascetta di Novello Langhe DOC

The average price point for a bottle of 2018 Anas-Cëtta Nascetta di Novello Langhe DOC is around $33.00. In perspective it’s pennies compared to all the time and effort we have wasted over the years chasing unicorns we will never catch. I would recommend grabbing a bottle of this liquid gold, plan out your home menu with some scratch-made pasta, hard cheeses, cured meats, or lean fish. Throw on some classic vinyl and just be present as you sip and eat.

I’m sure you’re exhausted.


If you’re looking for more inspiration or want to be nosey and observe my personal life, check out my Instagram @the_traveling_somm

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