Why I Drink and Smoke…

Me Enjoying My Nova Cigar

They state perspective is everything, at least for the most part. When I was younger, many moons ago, a certain perspective was ingrained within my childhood up bringing. You could say it haunted me partially and at the same time created curiosity. Home life was normal but it had its quarks. Wild perspectives that followed me until I was old enough to discern for myself.

Don’t drink and don’t smoke.” is what I was consistently told. Drinking any form of alcohol and smoking anything, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, even leaves in the yard was only associated with bad people. Smoking and drinking of any type was always partnered with the individual’s character. I was taught good people don’t do these things. There was no need to ask why, because this is the way things were.

Growing older enables us to become investigators of life’s small and large teachings. At a young age we are taught to just believe and accept thoughts, teachings, and positions for what they are. Then we mature a little more. We ask more questions, search for clues, and even attempt to experiment. Finally we are granted the ability and freedom to establish our own fresh perspective on life and experience.

Today I drink great wine and sip well-crafted whisky. I smoke luxurious cigars and smoke a pipe. Why? I’m not a lush. I’m a vintage soul. A classy gentleman and I have always been drawn to classic men’s style and fine living.

My Pipe, Tamper, and Eileen’s Dream Pipe Tobacco

You can view me as a jigsaw puzzle. There are a serious amounts of pieces to me and each area is different, but it all connects together in the end. Drinking wine or bourbon and smoking a cigar or pipe is not about the image or the ambience associated with it. Each arena has its own craft, community, luxury and solitude.


Stunning Crafted Wine of France and Italy

There is a magnificent craft found within wine, bourbon, whisky, cigars and pipes. Each one is a delicate example of its creator. Time, imagination, and effort are invested into every bottle, label, cap, block of wood, stem, and tobacco leaf. When we smoke or drink something made from an artisan, we are experiencing a little piece of their artwork and livelihood. We are supporting their craft, their masterpiece. It’s beyond a hobby. This is their every day work.


Scratch-Made Food for Friends

A glass of wine, a rock glass of bourbon, a few puffs on a pipe or the burning of a lengthy cigar all grant us the options to be done with others we love or just enjoy spending time with. We have the privilege of celebrating with many or with ourselves. I personally have encountered both. A few great festivities have been massed around delicious wine, whisky or cigars. Food and drinks bring people together. A gathering without food and beverages is just another meeting.


Leather Journal, Gurkha Cigar, Deck of Playing Cards and Wild Turkey 101

Part of my deepest moments were discovered while smoking and drinking in solitude. There is a time and a place for this. One of the reasons I find smoking a pipe satisfactory, is the process one takes to get the tobacco burning. Sifting your tobacco, packing the bowl, using a tamper, lighting the pipe, and caring for the ember may sound tiring. Honestly great joy, peace, and comfort can be encountered in the process of smoking a pipe. Cigars and pipes have a way of causing us to slow down and actually relish the moment. Hence why smoking a pipe or cigar and solitude go hand-in-hand.


Bag and String Wine Merchants

Anything can be associated with the idea of luxury. Don’t buy into the lie that one has to be rolling in the “Benjamins” in order to appreciate a well-crafted cigar, pipe, bourbon or bottle of wine. The market is changing. Each one of these delightful options also provides the simple person with the ability to afford something luxurious on a wallet sized budget. The wine world is more accessible than ever with quality and affordability. Luxury cigars and tobaccos are even more affordable now than ever and if you do your research, whisky and bourbon pretty available at your local store.


I don’t drink and smoke to be rebellious or booshie. I stated earlier in this article, I’m a vintage soul. A classy gentleman and I have always been drawn to classic men’s style and fine living. Be wise and don’t break the bank to fit in. Be yourself and savor what you prefer to savor whether it’s craft beer, fine clothes, or collectibles.

Don’t do something because someone else told you not too. If you’re unsure of where to begin in your journey just ask. Each one of these areas has their own subculture and they’re easy to find. Social media, the internet, the clerk at your local store, magazines, and books are all great locations packed with information. You can always ask me as well. I’m not an expert but I can guide you in the right direction.


If you’re looking for more inspiration or want to be nosey and observe my personal life, check out my Instagram @the_traveling_somm

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