An Unraveling Cigar Review With a Binding Purpose

The 411 on improper storage and its affects.

1502 Black Gold Cigar

Blame is pretty easy to pass off to others. It always seems to be someone else’s or something else’s fault. The reason your co-worker received the new position at work wasn’t your fault, it was your bosses’ decision right? You could have worked a little harder, gone the distance, been a little more creative and brought an new edge to your work ethic, but again, not your fault right. It’s not your fault you tripped on the dog toys in the living room in the early morning and spilt your coffee all over the new rug. The dog should’ve known better and could’ve put the toys away the night before.

We all have excuses in one form or another and at the end of the day they’re still an excuse. Accepting responsibility has never been an easy route for us as human beings. I think about how no one ever had to teach us to be irresponsible. Schools don’t teach classes on it and colleges don’t offer courses. Still we find ourselves creating elaborate excuses and blaming everyone and everything else in our path. My youngest daughter the other day called me in the bathroom.

She had peed in her pants while playing outside. We have a rule in our house. Tell the truth and you will still be disciplined, but not as badly if you choose to lie. Thankfully she told me the truth about peeing her pants. The issue was she chose to blame her aunt for it.

I asked her why she peed her pants. Her response was “I told my aunt I had to go potty, but we didn’t move fast enough.” If you’re reading this article you should be old enough to realize my daughter waited too long to choose to go to the bathroom. At the end of the day I had to remind her about being responsible and not blaming others. This very incident led me to an internal reminder.

A few days prior I had set out to not only enjoy the 1502 Black Gold cigar but also do a personal blog review on it. Pulling the cigar from my humidor I carefully inspected it. The appearance was demonstrating good signs. The wrapper was well constructed, still soft to touch, and smelled fantastic. No doubt this was going to be enjoyed.

Lit 1502 Black Gold Cigar

The pre-light showed no signs of major veins throughout the cigar. I cut the cap of the cigar, making sure there was no unraveling. It was now time for toasting the cigar’s foot. The reason for toasting the foot of the cigar is to ignite the outer layers of the tobacco (the binder and the wrapper) that hold the cigar together. The toast appeared to be successful.

The first third of the cigar was smooth and light. Due to the darker wrapper, I presumed there would be a decent amount of spice or pepper present, but I was wrong. With each draw of the notes of the 1502 Black Gold were present and creamy with touches sweetness and earth. In my mind the idea of adding this to my list of favorites was prominent. Until I noticed what I perceived to be a minor concern that would eventually became a serious one.

Enjoying the 1502 Black Gold Cigar

While engaging in effortless puffing of my 1502 Black Gold cigar the head of the cigar caught my attention. There appeared to be some unraveling of the wrapper (outer leaf of a cigar that envelops the inner tobaccos). This was considered a red flag. I understood if I didn’t address this issue, the continuous affect would produce a poor outcome.

Into the second third of the cigar the sweetness decreased while notes of pepper and cocoa made their way through. The ash perceived to hold strong and would only detach if I chose to flick it. Amidst the delightful smoke, I still had an ongoing issue with the wrapper unraveling. Once I rounded into the final third of the 1502 Black Gold cigar, things were unraveling at a rapid pace.

A little unraveling of the leaf.

At first glance one would automatically assume their was a manufacturer’s issue. Immediately in my head I began passing the blame to the producer. Shaming and haughty thoughts consumed my mind about this cigar and its structure. It was a shame, because i had really been enjoying this cigar. Disappointment slowly crept in.

It wasn’t until the very end while in the final third of this delightful masterpiece, I had to step back and take responsability for the issues I was encountering. This wasn’t the creator’s problem. I was at fault. Several months ago I had received this cigar and I placed it in my humidor and never returned to keep an eye on the humidity. The end result wouldn’t be good.

Thinking over my situation several points came to the forefront. First, over-dried or over-humidification of cigars is the major cause for the unraveling of wrappers. When a cigar is over- humidified, the inside can tend to expand. Once this happens it can cause stress to the wrapper that holds the cigar together. Second, instead of stepping back and examining the problem I chose to shift the blame instead of accepting responsibility for the outcome.

Nice Ash for the 1502 Black Gold Cigar

Everything can quickly escalate in our minds no matter what situation we face. Instead of being disappointed with myself and choosing to sulk, I recognized the opportunity to learn. My internal default was set to shift blame and take no responsibility. The reality is nothing was wrong with the amazing 1502 Black Gold cigar. When it arrived the condition was perfect with no veins or cracks.

The duration of the of smoking was about an hour, minus the self-imposed drama. This cigar was full of delightful flavors and honestly burned in a fantastic manner. I was the problem. Whether we are smoking cigars, drinking coffee, in a relationship, or working on a work project, this has taught me a valuable lesson. No one ever had to teach us how to shift blame or never accept responsibility.

Self-imposed wrapper issues

I give the 1502 Black Gold cigar a personal rating of 5 out of 5 for its construction, classy wrapper design, aroma, taste, and how well it would’ve held up while smoking. Don’t let the color of the wrapper fool you. Dark wrapped cigars usually indicate strong and spicy notes, but not the 1502 Black Gold. Definitely a smooth smoke and a memory maker.

Here is the take away. At the end of the day we are responsible for ourselves, our thoughts, our words, our emotions, and our actions. Blaming others is not only a terrible excuse to run from ownership, but blame solves nothing. Choosing to take responsibility at work, in relationships, or every day living will take your life to a whole new level. I took responsibility and adjusted my humidor so I won’t encounter what I did recently.

Seal and wrapper of the 1502 Black Gold Cigar

Sip your whisky slow, pace yourself enough to enjoy what you’re smoking, and stay classy.


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