Why I Quit Drinking

Empty Bottle of Woodford Reserve

Honest moment here. I didn’t really quit drinking, but I did make a decision to limit how much I drink and how often. The enjoyment found in sipping whiskey, bourbon or wine will never come to a complete close in my life. At the same time it doesn’t mean I have to open it up full throttle and act like an untamed wild man.

Did I quit drinking alcohol completely? Why should I quit and what are the reasons? First, I didn’t quit cold turkey, especially when I am fond of nice glass of Wild Turkey 101. Restriction often gets a bad rap or can be taken as a swear word for most of us. At the same time restriction can serve us as a powerful tool found within our tool box for life skills.

Harnessing restriction and directing it can benefit us well. We can apply it to any areas of our lives such as weight loss, drinking, finances, or ending a habitual bad habit. Restriction is a choice we all have the ability to make. We just have to guide it in the correct direction that produces the right benefits. I made a decision to restrict alcohol for a few solid reasons.


Bottle of Monkey Shoulder

First, I have chosen to live a physical healthy lifestyle which involves keeping my body in ketosis. Alcohol and ketosis are not considered besties. Most alcohol contains sugar and carbohydrates. These are two enemies of the ketosis lifestyle. Beer is a bloater. After you drink a beer, you end up feeling like you can’t fit into your pants. You’re bloated.

I highly doubt anyone looks forward to feeling awkwardly bloated while drinking. How about that unwanted water weight you retain when you drink alcohol. Water weight is a professional when it comes to crashing the party within your body. There is nothing worse than working hard to lose weight and jumping on the scale to see you gained more weight. Drinking alcohol while trying to lose weight is for fools.


The second reason I chose to restrict how often and how much was for the purpose of clarity. Clarity is another powerful tool that can 100% alter our life for the better. If we lack clarity, we lack the ability to create goals, and when there is an absence of goals, we lose direction quickly. For me personally, alcohol has a “domino” affect. I noticed after have a few glasses of wine or drinking a good bourbon on a regular basis, the next morning was a bit hazy in the brain.

Foggy brain is never a splendid benefit to drinking alcohol. Personally I am a very focused individual and my morning routines are the launch pad for a successful day. Brain fog can quickly hijack someone of their morning and continue into the remainder of their day. By choosing to limit when and how much I drink, drastically enhanced my brain power for the mornings and remaining hours of the day.


Third, it gets expensive. Sure a bottle of wine my cost you $15-$20 dollars, but it’s gone in one to two days. A bottle of gin, whiskey, vodka, etc costs much more and replacing them can run up your wallet. Take it a step further and calculate out your night on the town. Entertaining and drinking while out at a restaurant is even more pricy. Restaurants increase the price on drinks and two to three add up faster than you can finish your drink.

permission granted.

Fourth, it’s about permission. What are you giving yourself permission to do and why? I sure gave myself permission to have a drink at dinner or a drink after an insane day at work. The permission slip I gave myself led to giving myself permission to have another, and then another, because I “could handle it.” I do drink responsibly, but everyone’s definition of that is personal.

For me drinking in a responsible manner means having one drink because I know how it will affect my sleep and morning routine. Instead of giving myself permission to destroy my brain, body, and emotions with more alcohol, I give myself permission to focus and be productive for the evening and coming morning. Does this mean I think alcohol is evil. No. Guns, money, sex, and other areas of life are not evil. What is evil is the intention and use we generate and use behind each one of these. In the correct context each tool we are granted can be incredible.

Look who’s watching.

Picture of Oldest Daughter

Finally, someone’s always watching. I have two incredible daughters and they see everything I do. Everything. Whether we’d like to think our kids, parents, relatives, co-workers, or friends, don’t see everything, we’re being foolish.

People watch and people talk. It’s in our nature. Some are mature and responsible with it and others are not. It’s why we have gossip and slander. My kids see how I act, talk, handle situations, and yes, what I drink at the dinner table, at a picnic, when I’m relaxing, and what I bring home from the store.

They don’t have to say anything about what I’m drinking because they can see it. The question is “what are they seeing?” Do they witness me drinking wine or bourbon every day, several times a time? What about dinner? Is it a glass or three?

When I’m stressed do they encounter a father who finds his peace in a bottle or a father who controls his emotions without a glass of wine, whisky or gin? Regardless we all have people in our lives who we love and care about. If they’re present in our lives, they’re watching. Maybe you’re one of the “I don’t care who sees me” ones who goes off on that rant. More power to you, but in the end, you’d be surprised.

There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol. The adult juice can be fun, mysterious, a form of artwork, and literally full of details. All I am doing is prevoking your mind a little.

Empty Bottle of Wine


If you’re looking for more inspiration or want to be nosey and observe my personal life, check out my Instagram @the_traveling_somm

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