Sake and Discerning

Bottle of Tyku Sake

Have you ever tried sake? My adventures in wine and beer have definitely outweighed my experience with sake. Pursuing sake has honestly never been on my “bucket list.” I love wine and beer. I guess at the end of the day I have had this wild idea resting in the back of my head about sake.

Since I was eight years old Japanese culture has been a large part of my life. I’ve studied traditional Japanese martial arts for thirty some years. Martial arts carries its own culture. Over the years I have had the privledge and honor to learn more and more about Japanese culture. The only thing is, I’ve never been interested in drinking sake, until a recent discovery.

What is sake?

Although I am not a sake expert or claim to be, I can drop some great information about sake. Let’s begin by viewing the video below.

Video of Umenoyado Brewery: Home of TYKU Sake.

There is something pure and almost romantic that hits you in your core. The combination of the sacredness of the culture combined with the simple process of creating such a delicious sake. Four simple ingredients: water, rice, koji (mold), and yeast. Sake carries its own culture much like wine and beer. It can be served with cocktails or enjoyed by itself.

The power of the sip.

Bottle of Sake, Cup, and Jar

There is something powerful that can be reached when we intentionally choosing to slow down. Slow down our minds from racing, our words as we ponder before blurting out what’s directly on our mind, and our bodies from the hustle of the day’s demands. You don’t have to sip on sake in order to slow down, but it can be used as a catalyst.

The power of the sip rests not in the sake, but within the intention behind it. For me personally there is something about the taste of the sake and the history surrounding the sake which causes me to just want to sip, sit and ponder. I don’t consider myself to be a political person or someone who chases after social media posts. In my opinion, now more than ever we need to seek discernment.

the struggle.

Cup of Tyku Sake

I struggle more and more with each passing day. What do I struggle with? Social media. It’s not the struggle of addiction to social media and seeking the attention of followers or “likes” and “shares.” The struggle pertains to what social media has become. My quest to start an Instagram account originally was to post pictures of my life. The goal wasn’t to share my life with the public, but to create a lasting log of photos and memories for my kids to view when I pass away.

The thought of this being morbid may cross your mind, but not mine. My goal is to leave my children a legacy, a lot like the legacy of sake. A legacy laced with time, intention, focus, and excellence. Every bottle of well constructed sake is a bottle full of a legacy. A legacy of its creator(s). A high standard of unwavering decision and focus for the highest quality in life.

In the midst of this journey to create a lasting social legacy for my kids, I slowly fell into the trap social media presents to its followers. Eventually it turned into a platform for advertisement for a club I was a part of, then a platform for a passion, a job, and eventually a continuous tiring feed that needed to be kept up with. Sitting down and sipping on a cup of sake caused me to make the time to discern what I was doing and why.

The result.

Me Drinking Espresso and No Longer Caring

I am all about the results. Results are used to measure goals and provide a tangible outcome. Something was eating away at me internally about social media. Every time I opened my social feed, feelings of frustration, irritation, and mockery flooded my mind. Something had happened. There was a disconnect. Why?

It’s became a competition, a job, and a fantasy. Social media in my opinion has become a hard-to-tame monster. When a monster is created, the monster will need to be fed, and when the monster grows from being nourished, the monster will grow even larger. You get my point. The ever growing need to keep up, post more, respond more, be more creative, get more followers, follow more people, and make sure we are keep up in the ever changing algorithms.

What the hell happened to leaving a legacy of life within a post? The reason I have come to enjoy a simple cup of sake is because of its purity. There is purity in the process and purity in the result. Sake contains just a few simple ingredients to create a delicious drink. My frustration and irritation was flowing from the wrong sources and too much was being added to create more content.

I’m done struggling and trying to keep up with social posts, blogs posts, and trying to create a fake-photo fantasy life on a social media platform. What is driving you to perform at this level on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snap Chat? What type of legacy are you really constructing? Is it worth all your thoughts, time, and energy? Are you investing in something with a greater return than a “like” or a “follow?”

I took a break from blogging and posting. When I returned with a much stronger clarity and discernment, it was amazing to see how every feed was different from my point of view. Slowing down, sipping some sake and enjoying the process of discerning has its benefits.


If you’re looking for more inspiration or want to be nosey and observe my personal life, check out my Instagram @the_traveling_somm

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