75 Hard-Live Hard and My Journey

For the past three months I have been silent. Zero article posts and very little Instagram posts about wine and beer reviews. Did I quit blogging, drinking, or loose interest in wine, beer, cigars or food? The answer is: absolutely not! 75 Hard-Live Hard is a physical, mental, and emotional challenge I chose to embarkContinue reading “75 Hard-Live Hard and My Journey”

An Unraveling Cigar Review With a Binding Purpose

The 411 on improper storage and its affects. Blame is pretty easy to pass off to others. It always seems to be someone else’s or something else’s fault. The reason your co-worker received the new position at work wasn’t your fault, it was your bosses’ decision right? You could have worked a little harder, goneContinue reading “An Unraveling Cigar Review With a Binding Purpose”

Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

Are clubs worth it? A popular question among many wine, cigar, whiskey, and food enthusiasts. The concept of “clubs” or subscriptions used to be limited to books and magazines. I personally will never forget my coveted magazine subscription to “Blackbelt” magazine that arrived in the mail once a month. At the time there were noContinue reading “Are Wine Clubs Worth It?”

Life Lessons While Sipping Riesling

Riesling is a white wine from France. This particular riesling is from Alsace, France. When I was in sommelier school pronouncing the word “Alsace” was quite the challenge. The first time I went to the store to buy a bottle of riesling from Alsace, France I pronounced it wrong. Using an uneducated guess, I askedContinue reading “Life Lessons While Sipping Riesling”

Why I Drink and Smoke…

They state perspective is everything, at least for the most part. When I was younger, many moons ago, a certain perspective was ingrained within my childhood up bringing. You could say it haunted me partially and at the same time created curiosity. Home life was normal but it had its quarks. Wild perspectives that followedContinue reading “Why I Drink and Smoke…”

2018 Anas-Cëtta Nascetta di Novello Langhe DOC

Over the course of the past few weeks I have been pondering many areas of my life. This course of action is nothing new. Many years ago I created a weekly and monthly routine to take inventory of my personal life and goals. One of the areas of focus is my blog, which you areContinue reading “2018 Anas-Cëtta Nascetta di Novello Langhe DOC”

411: La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo

La Gloria Cubana cigars have always been my number one “go-to” cigar. Their logo is classy and dapper and these cigars are constructed with fine quality tobacco and the price point is always accurate. When writing reviews about cigars, I work hard to remain within my own lane. So much content on mainstream cigars isContinue reading “411: La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo”

The 411: Powstanie Habano Belicoso

Due to the weather conditions within the state of Pennsylvania, attempting to smoke a cigar during the winter months is nearly impossible. It’s been over eight weeks since I have been able to smoke and review cigars. With the temperature finally breaking into 70 degrees and sunny, I was able to try out the PowstaineContinue reading “The 411: Powstanie Habano Belicoso”