Wine Glasses Defined

Drinking and enjoying wine can be super painless and straightforward or it can be a deep rabbit hole that seems to never end. At the end of the day, like anything else, what we put into it, is what we will get out of it. Everyone is different, obviously, which means when indulging ourselves withinContinue reading “Wine Glasses Defined”

2019 Masseria Li Veli Susumaniello

the main character: 2019 Masseria Li Veli Susumaniello If you enjoy Italian wines, then maybe you have had the priviledge of opening a bottle of this delicate gem. Italian wine is very popular, but it’s the less known wines that create the most lasting impressions. Southern Italy, well as the remainder of Italy has soContinue reading “2019 Masseria Li Veli Susumaniello”

2018 Garzon Tannat Reserva

The Main Character: 2018 Garzon Tannant Reserva Where I’m from the weather has been snowy and cold. Neither conditions make for a friendly environment to smoke and enjoy fine cigars. Yes I have been writing and posting more about wine and food instead of cigars. Do not fret my fellow followers and readers. Once theContinue reading “2018 Garzon Tannat Reserva”

Honey Glazed Salmon Recipe

Seafood was never dominant on the menu of my eating habits until recently. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the cuisine of the water world. For me personally, being a creature of habit, I indulged more in poultry or beef. Perhaps internally I feared cooking seafood due to how fragile it can be. Regardless, theContinue reading “Honey Glazed Salmon Recipe”

Red Wine: 2016 Esporao Reserva Red

The main Character: 2016 Esporao Reserva Red Over the past years I have grown fond of wines produced in places such as Portugal and Spain. The flavors, the cuisine, and the landscape calls to me every time I uncork a bottle of wine from one of their regions. My first “Ah-ha” wine of southwestern EuropeContinue reading “Red Wine: 2016 Esporao Reserva Red”

Elena Walch Pinot Bianco

The Main Character: 2018 Elena Walch Pinot Bianco Let’s talk wine. Italian wine. Anyone involved in the vast world of wine knows and understands trying to condense Italian wine into a brief overview is nearly impossible. Italian wine can be likened to a deep sea of mysterious and undiscovered experiences. Such wines and their makersContinue reading “Elena Walch Pinot Bianco”

The 411: Nova Platinum Batch Cigar

The cigar world seems to be vast for a first-time smoker or a seasoned one like myself. I have been smoking cigars for over fifteen years. The richness of this journey is there and there is always more to be discovered. A solid example of this is the Nova Platinum Batch Cigar produced by NovaContinue reading “The 411: Nova Platinum Batch Cigar”

Valentine’s Day Flourless Chocolate Torte

Sixty-three percent of Valentine’s Day gifts consist of sweets! Hence why providing a scratch made gift for those you love is an ideal opportunity to state “I love you.” If your celebrating Galentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day as a single person or as a couple, this flourless chocolate torte recipe is made to grace theContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Flourless Chocolate Torte”

Red Wine for V-Day Celebrations

The Main Character: Wine by Joe Pinot Noir 2017 Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Will you be dining out at your favorite restaurant or did you make reservations for a new location? Are you choosing to stay home and celebrate due to the current pandemic? Remaining home and celebrating is never anContinue reading “Red Wine for V-Day Celebrations”