The 411: Viva La Vida Cigar

The goal of this blog is bring you what I examine to be the best. Through a series of tastings, trials, studies, and experiments I am able to do this. A lot of wine is tasted, several meals are cooked, and cigars are smoked frequently. The intention is to offer in my opinion, the bestContinue reading “The 411: Viva La Vida Cigar”

West African Influenced Chicken Recipe

Chef’s Night Out was inspired by this recipe from years ago. West African influenced chicken is a favorite in our home. Due to my culinary training and career, my personal palate is pretty extensive and continuously evolving. For those who cook from home or for your family, you may be hearing the call for adventurousContinue reading “West African Influenced Chicken Recipe”

Liquid Bliss In a Champagne Bottle

Main Character: Charpentier Champagne In 2013 the Saturday Night Live sketch called “The Continental” starred the famous actor Christopher Walken. The basis of the mini session is Mr. Walker plays the character of a sophisticated charm or more less a “ladies’ man.” The comedic theme behind the sketch is this man has no ability toContinue reading “Liquid Bliss In a Champagne Bottle”

Chef’s Night Out: Need-To-Know Salt Profiles

“Can you please pass the salt?” “Did you salt the green beans?” “The soup needs more salt added to it.” “My doctor told me, no more salt.” “Should I use Kosher salt or regular salt for the meat?” Each one of these phrases probably sounds a little too familiar. When it comes to the topicsContinue reading “Chef’s Night Out: Need-To-Know Salt Profiles”

The 411: Mi Querida Ancho Largo Cigar

Mi Querida, is Spanish for “my mistress.” The name of this cigar states it well. She appears to be pretty and well put together on the outside. On the inside I would describe her as secretly full of sass, bold, and full of the unexpected. I purchased this cigar through a cigar club I amContinue reading “The 411: Mi Querida Ancho Largo Cigar”

Drinking in Rioja, Spain

The Main Character: 2015 Summa Rioja Reserva On December 21, 2020 I took a little trip to Rioja, Spain for my birthday. I decided to plan this trip a few years ago. You only turn 42 once! Don’t get your nickers in a bunch. I didn’t travel on a plane and there was no needContinue reading “Drinking in Rioja, Spain”

The Chef’s Night Out

Panko Crusted Chicken Breast with Plant-Based Pasta Everyone needs a lunch or dinner dish that is simple, mouth-watering, eye catching and affordable. If you are working off of an apron string budget, but want more bang for your buck and are feeding four or more people, this recipe is for you. Healthy eating is aContinue reading “The Chef’s Night Out”

The 411: Plasencia Reserva Cortez Toro Cigar

Cigars have always been a fascination to me. Growing up, as a child I was always mezmorized by the older man who had a cigar in his mouth. There always seemed to be an “air” about them. I wouldn’t call it pride, but I would say “classy.” Swisher Sweets are not the focus here. CigarsContinue reading “The 411: Plasencia Reserva Cortez Toro Cigar”

Adult Holiday Juice Pick

Main Character: 2016 Vermillion Red Wine Christmas is approaching fast, plans are being made, decorations are hung (hopefully), and the holiday menu is being planned. This time of year carries the essence of romance and perfectly crafted ideas, in which we hope are molded into epic Instagram and Facebook posts and eventually fond memories. IfContinue reading “Adult Holiday Juice Pick”