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Sake and Discerning

Have you ever tried sake? My adventures in wine and beer have definitely outweighed my experience with sake. Pursuing sake has honestly never been on my “bucket list.” I love wine and beer. I guess at the end of the day I have had this wild idea resting in the back of my head aboutContinue reading “Sake and Discerning”

Why I Quit Drinking

Honest moment here. I didn’t really quit drinking, but I did make a decision to limit how much I drink and how often. The enjoyment found in sipping whiskey, bourbon or wine will never come to a complete close in my life. At the same time it doesn’t mean I have to open it upContinue reading “Why I Quit Drinking”

Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

Are clubs worth it? A popular question among many wine, cigar, whiskey, and food enthusiasts. The concept of “clubs” or subscriptions used to be limited to books and magazines. I personally will never forget my coveted magazine subscription to “Blackbelt” magazine that arrived in the mail once a month. At the time there were noContinue reading “Are Wine Clubs Worth It?”

Why I Drink and Smoke…

They state perspective is everything, at least for the most part. When I was younger, many moons ago, a certain perspective was ingrained within my childhood up bringing. You could say it haunted me partially and at the same time created curiosity. Home life was normal but it had its quarks. Wild perspectives that followedContinue reading “Why I Drink and Smoke…”


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